Counseling for Couples, Families and Individuals

liz gentry

You were born into Relationships.  Those key people who are our parents may not have known how to take care of themselves.  They may not have known how to take care of you.  All of us get the opportunity to grow and make choices about being the best
grown-up we can be.  Sometimes we need help. 

For Individuals:  You are your best asset.  In being your best self, you will not only be able to enjoy the calm and successful times of life, but have the tools and the skills to help you navigate the tough times as well.

Marriages:  In this  fast paced, highly demanding world, there is nothing easy about being in a marriage.  Finances, children and careers can often keep us so stressed and tired that we do not have the time or energy to keep our marriages safe and intact.  Although normal and everyday, these factors often create such pressure on a marriage, that we begin to see our spouses as the enemy.

Trust and security can be rebuilt with work and implementing the necessary tools.  Overcoming difficult times without leaving the relationship can add a deep sense of success and stability.

Families are made up of complex relationships:  mother-daughter, mother-son, father-daughter, father-son, sister-sister, and so on, with increasing complexity.  You might be wondering how to move from a parent-child to a mature relationship of two participating adults.  Or, you might be wondering how you and your siblings can move past your childhood relationships and really be friends.  

Our community may be professional, church, or a volunteer organization.  Achieving the goals of any community will require people to work together to be successful.  Working together with different perspectives and, sometimes, fundamentally different world views can be challenging.  One of the keys for success requires each of us to be clear about what we value.  Our chosen values, life mission, and principles allow our vision not to be blurred or interrupted by others.

Couples counseling, family counseling can allow you to strengthen who you are and how you function in all of your relationships.  You will find your self increasing your ability to choose how you respond in any situation without being highjacked by your emotions.